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Mosquito Magnum+ Convection Shield

Mosquito Magnum+ Convection Shield

This Convection Shield is only compatible with:

  • Mosquito Magnum+ Liquid Cooled 1.75mm
  • Mosquito Magnum+ Liquid Cooled 2.85mm
  • Mosquito Magnum+ Air Cooled 1.75mm
  • Mosquito Magnum+ Air Cooled 2.85mm


The precision-machined high-temperature aluminum frame is more durable than a traditional silicone insulator and will never droop, fall off, or degrade over time. A thin air gap and ceramic washers work in tandem to minimize heat transfer to the Convection Shield.


Defense against convective heat loss, right where you need it. If you’re going to print fast, you’ll also need the appropriate amount of part cooling to support that speed. Now you can blast part cooling all while being ensured that your filament is exiting the nozzle at the exact temperature you want.


  • Prevents external cooling of the hot block
  • High-temperature aluminum alloy construction for ultimate durability and heat resistance
  • Integrated captive screw assembly for easy installation
  • Ceramic insulators minimize heat transfer from the hot block to the Magnum+ Convection Shield
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