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LGX Shortcut Mosquito Hotend

LGX Shortcut Mosquito Hotend

Designed With Flexibles In Mind


The LGX Shortcut Mosquito is a special hotend to be used with the LGX eXtruder.

Its main feature is a 23mm shorter filament path than the standard Mosquito.


With the LGX it forms a print head that will excel at printing ALL most common materials and especially the soft and flexible.


Each LGX Shortcut Mosquito™ Hotend is supplied with:

  • 1x LGX Black Anodized Aluminum Heat Sink
  • 1x LGX Black Anodized Aluminum Air Cooled Cold Block
  • 1x LGX Air-cooled Cold Block Mounting Hardware
  • 1x Mosquito hotend (Conduct version, without heatsink)
  • 1x Bondtech M6x1x7.5 Coated Brass Nozzle 0.4mm
  • 1x Silver Based Thermal Paste Sachet 0.5g


Designed To Be Flexible

The LGX Shortcut Mosquito Hotend includes a reversible heat sink that can be installed on the left or right hand side of the cold block. The heat sink also includes the hole pattern for attaching 40×40 fans.

Cooling down the heat break

Our tests suggest a 4010 fan is enough to cool down the cold block and the cold zone of the heat break, even with such small contact surface to the heat sink.


In case you have an application where additional cooling is required, try using a 4020 fan or 2 LGX heat sinks, one on each side.


Main Advantages

  • Robust hotend
  • One hand nozzle swap
  • Gives better access to softer materials.
  • Enables to print flexible and soft materials faster.
  • Keeps the print-head small and light.
  • Allows mounting in many different ways.

Compatibility Alerts

The LGX Shortcut Mosquito Hotend is not compatible with the following items:

  • 3DSolex Matchless 1.75mm nozzles.




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