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LGX Mosquito Magnum for SideWinder & Genius

LGX Mosquito Magnum for SideWinder & Genius

Upgrade the most important components of your Artillery – the extruder and hotend – with Bondtech’s reliability and Slice Engineering’s thermal performance.

This is a 1.75mm filament direct extruder setup to use on he following:

  • Artillery Sidewinder X1
  • Artillery Sidewinder X2
  • Artillery Genius


This Upgrade Kit includes an LGX extruder, a Mosquito Magnum hotend and a custom Aluminum mount bracket for added rigidity.


Bondtech recommends this set for professional/manufacturing users, for moderate to high-intensity use, and for high melt flow needs.


Slice Engineering describes the Mosquito Magnum hotend as a radical design featuring a protective roll cage around the most thermally efficient heat break (85%!) available on the market, allowing for cold, one-handed nozzle changes.


Product Includes:

  • 1x LGX Large Gears eXtruder
  • 1x LGX Accessories For Sidewinder X1, X2, and Genius
  • 1x Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum hotend
  • 1x Bondtech 24v 50W heater
  • 1x Mosquito 24v fan
  • 1x Bondtech CHT 0.6mm Coated brass nozzle
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