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LDO Motors Voron V0.2-S1 kit

LDO Motors Voron V0.2-S1 kit

With the high-quality LDO Motors Voron V0.2-S1 Kit you can prove your craftsmanship! The kit FDM printer already contains many prefabricated parts, but also requires you to print out the missing parts yourself! For this, you get both practical tools included, as well as comprehensive assembly instructions with which you can assemble your dream 3D printer step by step! The kit is ideal for advanced hobbyists who have already gained some experience with 3D printers and now want to take a closer look at the individual components.

Important Note: This LDO kit does not include a Raspberry Pi or the printed parts. These components must be purchased or printed separately.


Stainless steel linear rails and HIWIN linear rail for X axis

Stainless steel rails have long been a thing of the past. The Voron V0.2-S1 is equipped with stainless steel linear rails. A high-quality HIWIN linear rail for the X-axis was additionally included in the contents of delivery. It provides more stability and consequently better print quality!

To ensure smooth operation of the rails, you should grease them regularly and properly. Here you can find the instructions on how to grease the rails properly.

E3D Revo Hotend

By working closely with E3D, LDO Motors managed to equip its Voron kits with the E3D Revo Voron hotend. Special blue-coloured heatsinks hint at the Voron design!

Picobilical PCB Mod

The Timmit's V0-Umbilical mod was redesigned internally by LDO Motors into the Picobilical PCB mod and essentially acts as a second motherboard! The Picobilical not only simplifies the wiring on the motherboard but also leaves enough free connectors for possible modifications.

Mounting bars for linear rails

The kit comes including custom linear rail mounting bars in size 7H. These are used to easily attach the linear rails to the profiles.

Easy installation with pre-made tools

The kit is equipped with a handy Heatset Insert Tool. The included brass heat-set installation tip makes it easy to install heat-set inserts with a soldering iron.

Installation-ready, pre-cut and pre-wired cables

Cable clutter is overrated! Joking aside, all cables included in the kit are pre-cut to the correct length, pre-crimped and soldered to the appropriate parts! To make sure they're actually inserted correctly, LDO Motors has put together a Wiring Guide (you'll find the instructions below) with step-by-step instructions.

Screws with partial thread

The kit includes a small pack of SHCS partially threaded screws (M3x30/x35) that are designed for the Mini Afterburner and help reduce wear on the Guidler and Latch parts.

Thread lock

All set screws are coated with a thread locker to ensure critical components cannot come loose.

2 mm bits

Since metric bits are not too common in some parts of the world, one has been included with the kit accordingly. This will allow you to ream the filament path in your printed extruder parts.

Kirigami bed concept

The Kirigami bed concept by Christoph Müller not only simplifies assembly and maintenance of the 3D printer but also it's wiring, which is why it has been incorporated into all Voron kits. This is a laser-cut and curved bed concept in which the heating bed allows completely open access to mounting screws.

Sliding nut against subsequent errors

Forgetfulness is not the only reason why an important screw was forgotten when assembling the 3D printer. Because even the best craftsmen make mistakes! Thanks to a specially designed slide-in nut, you do not have to disassemble the whole printer again in case of such mistakes! Practical and solution-oriented!

Preassembled building plates for fast heating

The Voron V02-S1 build plates are pre-assembled with 100-watt polyimide heating elements. They provide faster heating and more precise bed temperatures.

200-watt power supply

Instead of a 150-watt power supply, this Voron kit comes with a powerful 200-watt power supply.


Download Fusion 360 and get a free license to view the 3D model of the printer. The 3D model is a very useful reference when the manual is ambiguous or unclear.

Have you finished building your Voron 3D printer, get a serial number here.


Here you can find important information and instructions:


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