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The ExoBracket 20 (mm) allows easy attachment of a 2020 extrusion profile at a right angle to an Exoslide. They can be used one on each side of an Exoslide carriage, or doubled up on one side.

The brackets capture a 2020 extrusion, with a bold & nut to provide extra clamping force.

The brackets have the same universal open mount system as the Exoslide accessory mount, and locate precisely with a friction fit before the mounting bolts are secured.

The brackets can be nested and doubled up to create a stiffer mount. Each bracket has 10mm of grip on the 2020 extrusion.

When combined with the ExoSlides, the brackets can make setting up a XY carriage or Z bed a snap!


Dimensions: 61.5mm x 31.5mm x 12mm

Weight: 12g

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