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Product description

The DueX 5 is an expansion board for the Duet 2 Wifi and Ethernet. It provides up to 5 additional stepper motor drivers, 5 extruder heater outputs, 5 endstop inputs with indicator LEDs, 6 additional controlled fan outputs, 5 thermistor inputs, support for 2 more thermocouple or PT100 daugther boards, and optional 5V external power input for powering servos and fans to allow for 3d printers or other machines with more axis, multiple drivers per axis, tool changers ets.


Supplied with the 50 way connector cable between the Duet 2 and the DueX.

Stepper Drivers

Super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers with 2.4A Peak per stepper channel.
SPI controlled and capable of up to 256 microstepping with optional 16x interpolation when using 16x microstepping.
Hardware support for variable microstepping and variable stepper current for optimum speed and power efficiency.

High Current Outputs

5x extruder heater outputs, 5A individual maximums with a 20A overall maximum.

Medium Current Outputs

6 PWM controllable outputs designed for fans. These can be run from either the input voltage, from 12V or from 5V (the setting effects all 6 outputs together).


The heater signals can be repurposed to drive 5V hobby servos.

Temperature Measurement

5 thermistor/PT1000 inputs.
Support for two temperature daughterboards for up to 4 PT100 or thermocouple sensors.



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